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Gus Castro


Gus Castro is a highly skilled musician and vocalist known for his powerful voice and distinctive timbre. As the lead singer of the power/prog metal band Dagor Sorhdeam, Gus has contributed vocals to two critically acclaimed albums: Fog of War (2019) and Phoenic Wrath (2021). In addition to his work with Dagor Sorhdeam, Gus has also lent his vocal talents to the Stratosphere Project, participating on the songs "Silver Lining" (from the album Depersonalization) and "Here I Go" (from the album Lifestealing Years).

Gus is recognized for his ability to lead vocals and provide backing vocals on albums, and his strong, bright timbre is a key feature of his voice. Fans of power metal and the Stratosphere Project will not want to miss out on the opportunity to hear Gus's exceptional vocal skills on these releases.

Gus Castro
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