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Flavio Brandão (Stratosphere Project) | Foto: Maria Capistrano


A new journey through power metal

Flavio Brandão's Stratosphere Project, a power metal band founded by Brazilian musician Flavio Brandão in 2020, is recognized for its energetic sound characterized by fast tempos, robust guitar riffs, and soaring vocals. Drawing inspiration from classic bands such as Helloween, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Rhapsody, Ayreon, Avantasia, Edguy, Hammer Fall, and Angra, the Stratosphere Project adopts a collaborative approach by inviting vocalists from various backgrounds to contribute to their music. This results in a diverse sound that reflects the unique identity of each guest artist. Exploring both personal and societal themes, the band's lyrics and compositions offer a distinct perspective. The discography includes releases like "Stratosphere" (2020), "Last Survivor" (2021), "Depersonalization" (2021), "Immortal Eyes" (single, 2022), and "Lifestealing Years" (EP, 2022). The 2023 additions to the repertoire are the single "Tesseract Dreams" and the eagerly awaited album "Dimensional Convergence," marking the next phase in the Stratosphere Project's musical journey.

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