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Do you wanna join Stratosphere? Send me your material!

Everyone knows that I started this project with the intention of making my music go around the world. However, I definitely don't know how to sing power metal, or rock, or sertanejo, or pagode. Singing is definitely not my thing, I've already recorded several demos of songs published on albums like Apathy, Stratosphere, Into the Storm and sent them to many friends who are my test listeners and all are unanimous in saying that singing is not for me!

In view of this conditional, I started asking for help outside the national scene. Until mid-2019 I had no connection with the Brazilian vocalists in the scene. And I even sent messages to one or the other but I didn't get any replies. Well, I imagine that you, who are the lead singer of a metal band, should receive dozens of weekly collab requests and invitations to recordings of the most diverse types. I understand your side.

But let's get to the point! I'm producing new material and if all goes well by the end of the year I have a full album with 8 songs to release, keeping my tradition of 30 something minutes, neither too short nor too long. With this new album in mind, I want to bring more Brazilians into the project. In the beginning, as I said, I gave space to vocalists from outside and they were very welcome. Now, little by little, I'm turning more towards national artists. Stratosphere's projection remains global within the possibilities I have, but I believe we have great vocalists, guitarists, bassists, and drummers here.

So, if you are a vocalist and want to participate in the Stratosphere Project, send your material to with the information below!


Current/past band:

Material (demos, spotify, youtube, mp3)

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