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Flavio Brandão Stratosphere Project


A Power Metal Project

New Album Dimensional Convergence

A Power Metal through consciousness
Dimensional Convergence.jpg

Dimensional Convergence is an awe-inspiring symphonic power metal album by Stratosphere Project. Embark on a sonic journey through boundless dimensions, where melodic guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and captivating orchestral arrangements create an epic musical experience. With a perfect balance of technicality and emotion, the album explores themes of time, space, and the enigmatic universe. Each track weaves a unique tale, from thrilling and intense to hauntingly beautiful. The mesmerizing melodies and powerful rhythms keep listeners enthralled from start to finish. This masterful creation showcases the band's virtuosity and artistic vision, appealing to both seasoned metal enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre. Dimensional Convergence is a must-have for anyone seeking an otherworldly symphonic power metal adventure.

New 2023 Single

Tesseract Dreams
Tesseract Dreams 02.jpg

We're thrilled to unveil our latest single "Tesseract Dreams" by Stratosphere Project. This sonic masterpiece takes you on an extraordinary journey through uncharted dimensions, where soaring vocals by Gus Castro @gus.castro_vocal and backing vocals by Ricardo Janke @ricardojankesefirot blend seamlessly with the intricate guitar work of Flavio Brandão @flaviobrandaoguitar and Bruno Sena @brunosenaguitar.

Adding depth and texture, Fernando Nabhan @dagorsorhdeam on keyboards and Alessandro Kelvin @alessandrokelvin_ on drums create an immersive symphonic experience that transcends boundaries.

Here I Go video clip

feat Gus Castro

Silver Line Playthrough

feat Gus Castro

Kamelot -Forever

feat Felipe Holmack

Soldiers of Eternity Playthrough

feat Aldeir Donovan

New demo song available

Click to listen
Lifestealing Years Cover image


A new lease of life straight through the past

The Flavio Brandão Stratosphere Project is excited to announce the release of their new EP, Lifestealing Years. This special release features a collection of songs from Flavio's former power metal band, Lifestealing, which was active in the Rio de Janeiro underground scene in the 90s and early 2000s. The EP is a revival of material that was originally released in the early 2000s and showcases the band's unique blend of fast tempos, powerful guitar riffs, and soaring vocals.

Fans of the Stratosphere Project and power metal in general will not want to miss out on this exciting release. Lifestealing Years are available now on all major streaming platforms. Heavy Metal rules!

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