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Dragons, elves, and artificial intelligence!

This week, while spending time composing new Stratosphere songs, I revisited some covers I've recorded lately. Among them is Ancient Forest of Elves from the King of Nodic Twilight album by the great Luca Turilli. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a vocalist to participate in this cover last year. Considering my lack of time, it was a little difficult to deal with this cover with some of my friends who participated in Lifestealing Years or previous albums. It was then that I had the idea to use an AI and extract the incredible vocals of Olaf Haeyr (original singer of the album) and mix it with my cover version. Unfortunately I can't post this version to the public but the result is very good! This made it possible to have a better "view" of the mix and anticipate some challenges. I have seen many people worried about the future of art and artificial intelligence. I see them, at least today, as an auxiliary complement to our art. Whether this will change in the near future I cannot say. But my version turned out really cool, that did!

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